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    Proudly serving Southwest Portland.

Meeting Calendar

Meetings open to public 2nd Tuesday each month (except July & August).

Markham NET Meetings typically cover variety of Emergency Preparedness, Radio Communications, Search & Rescue procedures, advanced skills and upcoming training and exercise opportunities and events. For additional information, contact Co-Leads: Mike Rueter or Donna Herron.

    Wednesday, July 10th

    7-8:30 PM

    Fire Station #18, 8720 SW 30th Avenue (1 block North of Barbur Blvd Chevron)

Agenda includes:

    • Fire Station crew training on BEECN (Basic Earthquake Emergency Communications Node) radio
    • Radio Competency training and practice
    • Kahoot! A game challenge on basic NET, FOG (Field Operator Guide) and BEECN\Radio procedures.

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Markham Neighborhood National Night Out Celebration

Join us for an old fashioned BBQ, potluck picnic with music plus fun & games for all ages

Saturday, August 10th, 4:00-8:00 PM

Antioch Church outdoor grounds

10558 SW 35th Avenue (corner of 35th & Maricara Street, across from Jackson Middle School)

Everyone welcome.

For additional information, contact Kim

Herron, President at Markham.President@gmail.com

Safe Route To School\Community Trail along the 30th Avenue unimproved right-of-way (permit application pending)

A "visionary plan," in light of the upcoming transportation, zoning & increased population with vehicles in our community, to provide a safer alternate route for neighborhood children and the greater community walking or biking north or south through our neighborhood.”

Markham Neighborhood called a "special" meeting on June 10th with City officials to discuss the latest plans PBOT, ODOT, BES and TriMet have in our neighborhood as well as MKNA's pending trail permit application to build a Safe Route To School & community trail. Many incorrect statements have circulated in social media sites that necessitate a conversation about what is fact and what is NOT fact related to this project intended to safe lives, connect our neighborhoods and enrich our livability. Ask questions, receive factual and correct answers and give the City feedback on it's plans for our neighborhood. Issues to discuss will include:

  • City zone changes to allow residential infill (home\lot divisions, trailer parking, ADUs, Air B&B’s?
  • PBOT\Green Street bike\pedestrian lanes (35th\Ridge to 26th\Stanley) NO parking on Stanley?
  • New I-5\Barbur Blvd. light rail & rapid transit bus routes (downtown to Tigard\Bridgeport)?
  • PBOT both sides of 26th widened by 9’ (Taylors to Barbur) for sidewalks & bike lane?
  • ODOT I-5 northbound toll point (near Taylors exit) - could cause more traffic in neighborhood?
  • TriMet projected growth of 75,000 people in next 15 years?
  • PBOT & ODOT data on traffic volume, crashes, injuries and fatalities in neighborhood?
  • PBOT Vision Zero pedestrian injury\fatality statistics for vehicle speeds of 20, 30 & 40 mph?
  • City\BES changes to environmental zone\residential building\remodeling including Quail Creek?
  • Safe route to school\community trail application (Jackson MS\Maricara Park (south) & TriMet (north)
  • Trail permit application facts vs. false information i.e. “trail paid by tax dollars,” “trees cut down,” “unsafe crossing,” “environmental issues,” “trespassing,” “encroachment” & MORE to be covered.

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The webpage for more information is at Oregon.gov here.


Indian Hills Intersections Traffic Control at 30th Avenue & Ridge Drive

Heading North on 30th Avenue approaching Ridge Drive

Stop Sign @ 30th & Ridge Drive

Heading East on Ridge approaching 30th Avenue

Yield Sign @ Ridge & 30th




Barbur & 26th Rain Garden Project